SolarCity and Patents

May 3, 2011

Solar Patents

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SolarCity is an assignee for a patent entitled (US7648389):

Supply side backfeed meter socket adapter

Scott Damien, an inventor for SolarCity’s patent also is an inventor of a patent pending in the USPTO.  The abstract of the patent pending is below:

A utility meter adapter plugs between a utility meter and its meter socket to provide a power pigtail suitable for a solar electric system to backfeed power to the utility. A round plastic base has several connector jaw blades underneath positioned like a meter to fit in a meter socket and its jaw sockets. A corresponding set of jaw sockets is provided for the jaw blades on the meter to plug into the topside. The jaw sockets in the adapter on the load side of the meter are pigtailed to terminal lugs with a conduit access. A solar electric system backfeed can be run through conduit tubing to the terminal lugs on top of any flush walls, thus avoiding any disturbances to the pre-existing walls and service panels.

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